"The Crown Collection" Limited Editions Modeled by Alice Brindley

Bears and Bees was actually one of the last "Crowns"  to be created and released in 1984, limited to 19,500. In the initial stages of production,  the Fraser-Art Bossons were similar to the plaster creations where clay models were first sculpted by the artist. Instead of plaster, casting for Fraser Art was then done in (PVC) Stonite(r) and fired in extremely hot air forced furnaces.

Following are two personal photos taken by Don Hardisty during his visit to Congleton in 1984. They show Alice Brindley working in her art studio at Bossons modeling one of the most coveted "Crown Editions".

Alice Brindley Modeling the "BEARS AND BEES"

The photo to the right is a close-up view of this preliminary clay model.


Bears and Bees
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First Course (Raccoons)

First Dip (Otters)

First Encounter (Hedgehog)

First Friend (Badgers)

First Home (Beaver)

First Neighbor (Baby Squirrel)

First Outing (Golden Eye Ducks) 

First Venture (Mallard Duckling)

Historically, we know the Fraser-Art division of Bossons was planned to produce the premier art works of the future.



Here are a few quotes from Fraser-Art Brochures printed circa. 1969 when the first Copper Collection was released:

"A superb creative achievement combining the durable non-fragile qualities of the Fraser-Art process with the well-known Bossons flair for superior modeling and fine detail. The models in this [Copper Collection] range of wall ornaments and shelf ornaments are characterized by an antique-copper finish accented with gleaming gilt and eye-catching colours."

18" Bird of Paradise

Large 18" Fighting Cock

Horatius Cocles 8 1/2"

Richard Neville 9"

Viking 7 1/2"



Rodeo 12 1/2" x 13"

Bronco 13" x 11" 

North American Football Figures
"Superb action studies"
Wall Ornaments

Runningback 11"

Linebacker 7 1/2" x 10"

Quarterback 12 1/2"


Three Large Shelf Ornaments

Viking Drakkar 16"

Sovereign of the Seas 23"

Galleon 17"


The Fraser-Art Wildlife Studies are termed by Bossons to be "Five-Star Wall Ornaments"

Exhibition quality models
Bold designs for effect
Fine detail to add interest
Shockproof and lightweight
Colorful hand-painted

"Rare Bossons From Don's Collection."

White Swan 11"

Fighting Cock (Left 9 1/2" & Right 10 1/2")