*CURRENT MARKET TRENDS FOR BOSSONS PRODUCTS

A. We have many products available and ready for immediate delivery in mint/perfect condition. All you need to do is let us know which Bossons or Hummels you want, and we will either ship them immediately, or find them for you. 

B. Often, new collectors are unfamiliar with the many Bossons and Hummels available on the market. Here we can also help. Just write or call our INFORMATION NUMBER 1-575-522-3721. We have a limited number of original Bossons Brochures available, upon request.  For Bossons, we recommend you purchase the "Imagical World of Bossons" Books I and II, by Robert E. Davis.  For Hummels purchase "The No. 1 Price Guide to M.I. Hummel Figurines, Plates, Miniatures, & More..." by Robert Miller. These comoprehensive books are also available in your local bookstore or library.

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We do not publish a price list for Bossons Artware

 For two main reasons: 
(1) the unpredictable availability of the product; and
(2) vulnerable market trends in prices and sales of Bossons* SEE ABOVE

REASON 1: The creation of Bossons was never a line-production effort. Instead, each Bossons is an individually hand-painted work of art. The stratagem of artistic perfection by Bossons limited the numbers produced. They also wanted their products to be obtainable at reasonable prices and they intended that collectors decorate with Bossons as "·Effective Ornaments for every room in the home·five-star wall ornaments, exhibition quality models, bold designs for effect, fine detail to add interest·colourfully [sic] hand painted." (from "Fraser-Art [Bossons] Brochure, Printed in England (c) 1967).

REASON 2: All Bossons are now categorized as discontinued due to closing of the Bossons operations in December, 1996. As stock supplies are depleted, Bossons are appreciating in value at a very fast rate (as one example, consider the price of "Mr. Wang" shown later in this web site). As such, Bossons collecting involves a very volatile and unpredictable market, but one for serious investors to consider. As mentioned above, it is known Bossons did not keep detailed production records. They never dreamed their products would surge into such prominence among avid collectors. Though collecting is spreading worldwide influenced by the Internet, many of the major collectors are located in the United States. Originally Bossons sold for under $5 U.S. A few popular models were distributed in military exchanges through the 1960's into the 1980's. However, beginning in 1948 the firm exported the major part of its output with agents or distributors in 35 different overseas markets, all actively buying and selling Bossons Artware. This continued to be the case through the years. In a 1968 publication by Ray Bossons entitled "Who's Who - and What's What? Bossons Artware was "...regularly exported to Aden, Australia, Bahamas, Bahrain, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Cyprus, Curacao, Central America, Doha Qatar, France, Fiji, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Grenada, Holland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Jamaica, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Trinidad, West Indies, [and] U.S.A." Is it any wonder there are so many hidden "jewels" still to be discovered all over the world? Yet, it is known that avid collectors invest more than their "souls." They also wear their shoe soles bare in their quest for Bossons products, and especially those of the highest standard of quality.

On the CBS Saturday Early Show, we were treated to a short segment on Bossons presented by Tony Hyman, Collectibles expert for CBS News entitled:

                                   Wall Sculptures Draw Collectors' Eyes.

                             In Mint Condition or Professionally Restored

                  'Bossons' Can Fetch Thousands.

Hyman was supplied a selection of common and rarer Bossons to use for demonstration on the show by Don Hardisty, and said:

"To fetch full value, Bossons must be in new condition or professionally restored." 

"Not all plaster figures are Bossons. Most Bossons are identified by the name engraved UNDER THE COLLAR, and an offiicial Bossons copyright incised into the back. Buyers should be aware that fake Bossons are widely sold on the internet, advertised as Bossons, WHEN THEY ARE NOT BOSSONS. When in doubt about authenticity, seek expert advice."

For more information, Hyman recommends:

"Dr. Hardisty is an internationally known authority on the Bossons Company and its products. Direct questions regarding Bossons and Hummels to:

For current information and prices on Bossons, refer to yearly articles in the SCHROEDER'S ANTIQUE PRICE GUIDES available in any bookstore or library. These articles on Bossons by Hardisty summarize market trends in collecting, buying and selling Bossons with examples of current prices from 1995 to the present.